The Magic of Pyroelectric Detectors

Discrete and Hybrid Pyro Detectors

First let’s address the rumor that pyroelectric detectors are "slow" like other thermal detectors. This is not the case! Pyroelectric detectors are inherently "fast" limited only by the time it takes to transfer heat from the absorbing coating, on top, into the pyro crystal … typically in sub nanoseconds for metallic coatings. The Pyroelectric Detector is an AC Current Source whose output is directly proportional to the "rate of temperature change" of its crystal and not its absolute temperature change like thermopiles, thermocouples, thermistors and the like.

Imagine a detector that responds over the same wavelength range of a thermopile, but can respond in the nanosecond to millisecond range. Imagine a detector with sensitivity in a range comparable with room temperature photo-conductors, but broad wavelength response into the sub-millimeter range. Imagine a detector with a dynamic range from nanowatts to watts and nanojoules to joules. Imagine a detector that can transform itself into a sensitive radiometer, a fast joulemeter, a time-resolved sensor for modulated lasers, or a sensitive non-contact temperature transducer. Now don’t tell me that’s not magical!

We have designed an extensive line of discrete and hybrid Pyroelectric detectors with sizes ranging from 1 mm to 9 mm diameter and packaged in TO5 or TO8 cans. Our Hybrid devices include either a low noise (QSx-I) or high bandwidth (QSx-IF), current mode op amp circuit … or a low noise FET voltage mode circuit (QSx-VL). They are typically provided in a windowless configuration for true, broadband measurements but can also be outfitted with IR windows like …Ge, Si, S, BaF2, etc.

To make it much easier to explore the capabilities and applications form our magical Pyroelectric detectors we’ve designed two Evaluation Test Boxes, which include 9 V batteries to power the circuit, selectable chip resistors to modify their performance accessible by simply moving a jumper connector, a 25 mm threaded front aperture for filters or lenses, and a ¼-20 optical mount. Our QS-I-TEST and QS-V-TEST.

Buy a Pyro Detector and Evaluation Test Box now … and experience the magic in your lab!

  • Radiometers
  • Laser Energy Meters
  • Optical Pyrometers
  • Laser Pulse Detectors
  • Flame Detectors
  • Gas Analyzers
  • THz Radiometers
  • THz Joulemeters
  • Laser Power Meters
  • And many more!


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